Synchronous Worm Geared Motor Gearbox Reducer For Screw Jack Jump Form System

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Worm Reducer

A worm reducer, also known as a worm gear reducer, is a type of gearbox that is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque of a rotating shaft. It is made up of a worm, which is a screw-shaped gear, and a worm wheel, which is a ring with teeth that mesh with the worm. As the worm turns, it drives the worm wheel forward, which in turn reduces the speed and increases the torque of the output shaft.


Housing Die-cast Aluminum Alloy Gearbox (RV025~RV090)
Cast Iron Gearbox (RV110~RV150)
Stainless Steel Gearbox (RV110~RV150)
Worm Wheel Wearable Tin (Stannum) Bronze Alloy, Aluminum Bronze Alloy
Worm Shaft 20Cr Steel, carburizing, quenching, grinding, surface hardness 56-62HRC, 0.3-0.5mm remaining carburized layer after precise grinding
Input Configurations Equipped with Electric Motors (AC Motor, Brake Motor, DC Motor, Servo Motor)
Applicable Motors IEC-normalized AC Motors and Brake Motors.
DC Motors
Servo Motors
Output Configurations Keyed Hollow Shaft Output
Hollow Shaft with Output Flange
Plug-in Solid Shaft Output
Options Worm Shaft Rear Extension, Single Output Shaft, Double Output Shaft, Output Flange, Torque Arm, Dust Cover
Installation Flange Mounted, Foot Mounted, Torque Arm Mounted
Lubrication Grease Lubrication
Oil-bath and Splash Lubrication
Cooling Natural Cooling
5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100


Worm Reducer Model & Parameters

Models Rated Power Rated Ratio Input Hole Dia. Input Shaft Dia. Output Hole Dia. Output Shaft Dia. Center Distance
RV025 0.06KW~0.12KW 5~60 Φ9 Φ9 Φ11 Φ11 25mm
RV030 0.06KW~0.25KW 5~80 Φ9(Φ11) Φ9 Φ14 Φ14 30mm
RV040 0.09KW~0.55KW 5~100 Φ9(Φ11,Φ14) Φ11 Φ18(Φ19) Φ18 40mm
RV050 0.12KW~1.5KW 5~100 Φ11(Φ14,Φ19) Φ14 Φ25(Φ24) Φ25 50mm
RV063 0.18KW~2.2KW 7.5~100 Φ14(Φ19,Φ24) Φ19 Φ25(Φ28) Φ25 63mm
RV075 0.25KW~4.0KW 7.5~100 Φ14(Φ19,Φ24,Φ28) Φ24 Φ28(Φ35) Φ28 75mm
RV090 0.37KW~4.0KW 7.5~100 Φ19(Φ24,Φ28) Φ24 Φ35(Φ38) Φ35 90mm
RV110 0.55KW~7.5KW 7.5~100 Φ19(Φ24,Φ28,Φ38) Φ28 Φ42 Φ42 110mm
RV130 0.75KW~7.5KW 7.5~100 Φ24(Φ28,Φ38) Φ30 Φ45 Φ45 130mm
RV150 2.2KW~15KW 7.5~100 Φ28(Φ38,Φ42) Φ35 Φ50 Φ50 150mm

Mounting position


What are the precautions when connecting the reducer with the motor?

Several aspects that should be paid attention to when connecting the reducer and motor: there are several ways to connect the reducer and motor, such as direct connection, that is, the flange plate is directly connected to the motor, or the belt pulley or coupling can be used.Our worm gear reducer is directly connected with the synchronous motor. We provide you with supporting products, which can also be customized according to your needs

What are the precautions when connecting the reducer and the motor?

  • Allowable input shaft diameter:
    The input shaft hole of the reducer and the output shaft of the motor are generally connected by a sleeve ring with variable thickness. When no collar is added, the input shaft hole of the reducer is large.
  • Large input speed:
    The high input speed of the motor shall be less than the large input speed of the reducer
  • Rated output torque:
    After the rated output torque of the adaptive motor is multiplied by the reducer reduction ratio, the output torque of the reducer shall be less than or equal to the rated output torque of the reducer.
  • Allowable input flange:
    It shall not be greater than or less than the standard size of the primary reducer. For example, the standard flange of the reducer PLE80 is 80mm, and the primary reducer is PLE60 and PLE120. The allowable flange of the PLE80 shall not be less than 60mm nor more than 120mm

Select the reducer model after meeting the main data. The reducer with a small outer diameter can be equipped with a motor with a large outer diameter. On the contrary, a suitable connecting flange can be selected to ensure the correct connection between the motor and the reducer

Synchronous Motor

Synchronous motor is an AC motor that rotates at synchronous speed with torque generated by interaction between DC supplied excitation magnetic field and armature rotating magnetic field.

Synchronous motor is an AC motor, which generates torque through the interaction of the excitation magnetic field provided by DC current and the rotating magnetic field of the armature, and rotates at synchronous speed.) It is an AC motor, which generates torque through the interaction of DC excitation magnetic field and armature rotating magnetic field, and the armature rotates at synchronous speed.
The synchronous motor drives the gearbox to rotate, thus driving the equipment to operate

Synchronous Worm Geared Motor Manufacturer

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